segunda-feira, 27 de julho de 2009


Today i don’t know how i’m gonna survive. I can’t even breath, memories are turning back, I was trying to forget. But is never enough. They need to take away all the good things that you have inside. they’re many, and they can do it; the will do it. And when you’re a little distract, they come like waves of fire, all in your direction. Your sick is their health, your hate is what you got now. You can rest in peace no more, maybe you never gonna be ok..

So you try to hide yourself from this empty words, and their empty minds, and they’ll say that you’re the wrong one, and they’ll do it all again. Don’t ever be like them, they’ll take all that they can and when you be all empty, they’ll want your soul; and this will be your last smile. Times won’t change, we’ll always be just empty hearts looking for nothing but more lies.

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